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The Next Level : a Makerspace by NPL inspires teens and tweens to become participatory learners. 
Makers uncover their talents, needs, and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking. 
Check out these resources to get your inner maker moving!

Get Inspired!

Built By Kids - DIY projects

Crafty Crow - A Children's Craft Collection

Destiniation Imagination MO


GeekDad - Raising Geek Generation 2.0

HowToons - part comic strip and part science experiments.

Instructables - Explore, Document, and Share projects


MAKE Magazine

PBSKids Design Squad- Engineering and Science Activities

Tinkerlab - Creative Experiments for Makers & Tinkerers

The Tinkering Studio -Science, art, tech, & great ideas


App Creation

App Inventor

TED Talk : 
12 year old 
App Developer Thomas Suarez
Build it @ your library in the MAKE Shop

The Make Shop is where you can use basic hand tools and small power tools. Teens can start out in this area with small “un-make-it” projects where they can take-apart small broken appliances and electronics, then create something new!  Or build a Franken-toys are toys that are constructed from broken parts of old toys, like "Toy Story" - Sid's creepy babydoll-spider :) 
The Crafty Zone

The Crafty Zone has a sewing machine, fabric and scraps, a weaving loom, and many tools for creating handmade items. Tools such as decorative-edge scissors, embroidery thread and needles, tie dye kits, needles and hooks for knitting or crocheting, rubber stamp and paper crafts and screen printing equipment. Teens can make gifts and learn basic life-skills such as how to tie a necktie or sew on a button. This area gives teens a chance to learn skills in basic sewing, ironing, and using a pattern.
The Studio

The Studio is the place to explore graphic design, editing images and music, design video games, app development, website design, and more. We offer a customized iPad with a tripod mount, convertible lens, and external microphone. The iPad will also used to explore apps for stop-motion video production, music editing, and green-screen photography, editing, and more! Makers are encouraged to upload their creations to the Next Level's YouTube channel and to Facebook. 

Tuesday & Thursday
3 - 6:30 pm
hours may vary
A MakerSpace in 
our community...

  • Allows teens to embrace failure as a means for heading toward success.

  • Allows teens to learn from one another.

  • Creates volunteer opportunities for adults in the community to have a positive influence on teens.

  • Creates ways for teens to ask real questions to drive their exploration.

  • Encourages youth to pursue existing passions or seek out new ones.

  • Ignites excitement and a joy for learning.

  • Promotes multiple ways to solve problems.

  • Allows teens to practice perserverance in day to day learning.

  • Exposes youth to materials they may have never used before: robotics, textiles, circuits, programming, and production tools.

  • Encourages teens to reflect on the process of making.

  • Creates thinkers!

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