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The Nevada Public Library began it’s organizational process in 1898. Seventeen ladies met in the Mitchell Hotel and elected Mrs. Rose Kimball as the first President. Books were collected in a house-to- house canvass and donations from private collections also came in. The library was located in the Duck Block at the northeast corner of the intersection of Washington and Cherry.  In 1908, the library was moved to the new courthouse but soon became too crowded and negotiations began with the Andrew Carnegie Foundation in 1912 for a building.

The Nevada Public Library was formally established in 1917. The new library building was erected with the aid of a grant from the Carnegie Foundation for $17,500.00. The city provided the site at Austin and Ash and established a continuing tax allotment for its support.

Over time, the library outgrew the Carnegie building. The building at Ash and Walnut was given to the library by the Finis M. Moss Charitable Trust. Remodeling was paid for by private donations from individuals and businesses and a matching grant from the Moss Trust. The current library building opened on May 12, 1997 at 212 W Walnut St. 


The purpose of the Nevada Public Library is to provide library services to the residents of Nevada, Missouri, and to provide access to the library to residents in the surrounding area.
The Board of Trustees shall represent the Library both to the people and the governing officials. The primary responsibility of the Board is to establish Library policy. Members of the Board of Trustees shall represent the entire library district and have their responsibilities fixed by Chapter 182 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri, and other applicable laws. Such statutes shall serve as a basis for establishing policies that reflect the needs of the Library District and provide efficient, effective and informative services.

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